Freeport, Florida

Freeport, Florida, founded around 1830 near Choctawhatchee Bay, was initially called Genoa and later Four Mile Landing during the Civil War. It was named Freeport due to free docking. Settled by farmers and boatmen, it thrived in lumber and trade, with water mills. Today, industries like Gulfstream Ship Building exist, and people work in Eglin Air Force Base or tourism. With its growth, proximity to airports, beaches, and golf courses, and neighborly relationship with Eglin, Freeport invites you to experience its beauty. Enjoy fishing, boating, and sunsets in this friendly, scenic town.

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Here are my top 3 choices for restaurants in Freeport, Florida

The Oar House & Oyster Bar

Waffle House

3 Sons Bar-B-Q

What I love about Freeport, Florida

Swim in Clear Springs

Freeport is close to some really clear and pretty springs, like Morrison Springs. You can go swimming and have a picnic in these cool waters with your family and friends.

Visit Farms and Markets

In Freeport, there are farms you can visit, like Twin Oaks Farm. You can pick fresh fruits and veggies, take rides on hay, and learn about how food grows. There are also markets where you can buy local stuff made by people nearby.

Go Kayaking or Canoeing

Freeport has water all around it, so you can have fun paddling in kayaks or canoes. You can see animals and enjoy the nice views while you paddle in the calm water. It’s a relaxing and cool thing to do outdoors.

More about Freeport Florida

Community Events
1. Fourth of July Celebration: Features fireworks and parades.
3. Freeport Farmer’s Market: Weekly market for local products.
4. Holiday Parades and Festivals: Seasonal celebrations.
5. Community Fundraisers: Support local causes.
6. Concerts and live musics.
7. Art Exhibitions

1. Highways and Roads: SR 20 and US Highway 331 for connectivity.
2. Public Transit: Local buses or shuttles may be available.
3. Cycling and Walking Paths: Promote eco-friendly transportation.
4. Nearby Airports: Access to regional airports.
5. Ridesharing Services: Convenient local transportation.

Education & Schools
1. Public Schools: Walton County School District serves Freeport.
2. Private Schools: May offer alternative education options.
3. Preschools and Daycares: Early childhood education and childcare.
4. Adult Education: Programs for lifelong learning.
5. Higher Education: Nearby colleges and universities.
6. Extracurricular Activities: Clubs and sports in local schools.
7. Education Initiatives: Special programs to enhance learning.

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